I’m an award-winning graphic designer, a web and UX designer living and working in Melbourne. My solo material has been exhibited in art galleries around the world and profiled in various magazines.

Over the last 10 years, I have performed several significant lead roles in the design industry.

I’m involved in websites, games, publishing, and TV. I’m currently employed as a senior designer at Two Bulls, working on a variety of international design projects.

Before joining the team, I spent six years working as a UI designer for ABC ( Australian Broadcasting Corporation ) Multi-Platform department, where I was involved in the branding of the ABC’s children’s digital television channel and I worked was a lead designer for ABC3, as well as several award winning television websites.

In Melbourne, I have worked for numerous clients including ABC Television, WETA Workshop in New Zealand, ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) and Cambridge University Press.
My work encompasses many areas relating to design and advertising including:

- Art Direction
- Graphic design
- Illustration
- UI and UX design
- Art
- Motion graphics
- Photography
- Branding

My artwork can be viewed at

Artwork: instagram.com/papertrumpets
Behance: behance.net/papertrumpets
Pinterest: pinterest.com/papertrumpets


Cake Wines Product Design
- Nominated for Best of label design
» Top Finalists 2014 & 215

Peleda Lead website design | 2013 – 2014

Peleda is an animated series and game set in a highly stylized fantasy world that pits good against evil as players try to reclaim the land from an evil queen.

- Kidscreen Awards 2014
» Best Companion Website
Peleda’s online game won best companion website/game at the 2014 Kids Screen Awards in NYC

- AIMIA Award 2014
» Nominated for Best of Websites

Nowhere Boys Website design Lead | 2013

Nowhere Boys is an Australian teen-oriented television drama series created by Tony Ayres.

- iKids Awards 2015
» Best Companion Website / Game
Companion online game for Nowhere Boys series one.

-AIMIA Award 2014
» Nominated for Best of Websites

ABC4Kids Design Lead | 2008 -2014

- AIMIA Award 2012
» Best Children’s Website
» Nominated Effectiveness Award

- HitWise Award 2009
» Hitwise Number 1 Awards

ABC RAWR Design Lead | 2013 – 2014
Short films made by kids for kids! RAWR celebrates the epic talents of ABC3’s filmmaking audience by screening a selection of viewer created short films originally uploaded via the ABC3 RAWR website.

- Kidscreen Awards 2014
» Nominee, Best Streaming Video Platform

- AIMIA Awards 2014
» Finalist, Best Use of Video
» Finalist, Best Community

- Webby Award 2014
» Official Honoree

ABC4Kids Website Design and Animations
- AIMIA Award Best Children’s website

Lawrence Leung Unbelievable Design Lead | 2011

- ABC Digital Excellence Award 2011
» Best Best Entertainment or Arts Online

ABC3 Gateway: Design Lead | 2010
ABC3 is an Australian children’s public digital television multichannel owned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It was officially launched as ABC3 by then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on 4 December 2009.

- ABC Digital Excellence Award 2010
» Winner, Best Design – ABC Innovation
» Best Children’s Website
» Nominated Effectiveness Award

- AIMIA Award 2010
» Finalist, Best Entertainment
» Finalist, Effectiveness

- Webby Awards 2010
» Official Honoree (Television)

- ATOM Award 2010
» Best Multimedia

ABC3 Channel was targeted at the 2.5 million families with children under 15. The ABC3 website offered a great online space where young children can customize their own look and interact with other people in a fun and safe environment. The ABC3 website has attracted 1.3 million visits in 6 months since its launch.

» Google’s Australian searches for 2010
» ABC3 is a Winner ABC.net.au Newsletter
Since launch, the ABC3 website has attracted 1.3 million visits and 9.7 million page views.

Mecca / Kit Cosmetics Design Competition | 2010
» Top 6 Finalists

Th Wotwots for Weta Workshop | Design Lead | 2009
Two friendly aliens traveling in a steam-powered spaceship explore the Earth’s many unique environments and the animals inhabiting them in this series for preschoolers.

- ABC Digital Excellence Award Best Entertainment 2009
» Best Entertainment

The Playground Design Lead, Character Design | 2009

- AIMIA Award 2009
» Best Children’s Website

- Experian Hitwise Online Awards
» Hitwise Award Top1 2009

- ABC Digital Excellence Award 2009
» Nominated for Best Visual Design
» Nominated for Best ABC website
» Nominated for Best Entertainment

The Playground Website, Game, Character Design for ABC Television
- AIMIA Award Best Children’s website
- ABC Digital Excellence Award Nominated for Best ABC website
- ABC Digital Excellence Award Nominated for Best Entertainment or Arts Online

Dust Echoes Design Lead | 2008

- 14th Annual AIMIA Award 2008
» Best Children’s Education
» Best Cultural, Lifestyle or Sport

- ABC Innovation Awards 2008
» Best Visual Design award

- ABC Digital Excellence Award 2008
» Best Educational

Roller Mache Illustrations and Website Design | 2008

- ATOM Award
» Best Educational

- AIMIA Award
» Nominated for Best Learning and Education

Selected & Group Exhibitions
I have a strong record of commercial and critical success through my works as a designer as well as through my practice as an artist. As an artist, I have held highly successful exhibitions in Australia, Japan, China and Taiwan selling most of my work.

Above the Sky Solo Exhibition
Sora Mishima Shizuoka | April 2017
Digital Collage Artwork

Porte Bonheur Group Exhibition
Kotori Hanaten Tokyo | Dec 2016
Diorama Collage Artwork

Spring Ephemeral Solo Exhibition
Kotori Hanaten Tokyo | June 2015
Diorama Collage Artwork

Blue Hour Group Exhibition
Sora Mishima Shizuoka | March 2015

Gluon Solo Exhibition
Kurubushi Base Tanna Shizuoka | Sept 2014
Collage Artwork

Lecka Lecka Group Exhibition with Q-TA
Gallery de Room 702 Osaka | Sept 2014
Collage Artwork

Letter Group Exhibition with Utopiano
Patrone Kamakura | Oct 2014
Collage Artwork

Utopia in Books Group Exhibition with Utopiano Weekend Books Numazu Shizuoka | March 2014
Diorama Collage Artwork

Corky Saint Clair
Campbell Arcade, Melbourne | Dec 2013
Art Print, Postcard, Pin badge

Romantica Group Exhibition
Concieria | July 2013
Art Print, Collages

Common Room Winter Sale
Common Room | July 2013
Collaborated Melbourne based artists with Eveline Tarunadjaja, Jeremy Ley, Sean Morris, Robot Ninja, Maddy Young

You & Me & Box Group Exhibition
Sahan Gallery | Nov 2013
Collage Artwork “Decayed Daguerréotypes” made from Old Books

Rose Group Exhibition with Utopiano
Patrone | Oct 2014
Collage, Card Design

Tunami – Japan Charity Auction Group Exhibition
Rear View Gallery Collingwood Melbourne | April 2010
Diolama Collage

Letter From my Grandfather Collage workshop and Group Exhibition
Portal Shibuya Tokyo | Aug 2013

Charity Exhibition Group Exhibition (Charity Exhibition)
Craft & Art Melbourne | April 2010
Diorama Collage

Cups & Cuddles Group Exhibition |
Per Square Metre Gallery, Collingwood Melbourne | July 2007
Collage / Pen Drawing
We were featured on indie.com au

ABC Stuff Exhibition Group Exhibition
ABC Southbank Melbourne | Oct 2007
Collage / Pen Drawing

Security Group Exhibition
Swinburne University of Technology | 2002
Interactive Media Design

Reach Group Exhibition
Reach Print Design Group Exhibition, Taiwan | 2001

Cold Tea Group Exhibition
Cold Tea magazine, China